So, you want to join AISR? 

First, thank you so much for your interest in us! We can always use all the help we can get. Below is some information about membership.

Our organization knows two types of members: active members and flex-members

  • Active members are commissioners or Board members.
  • Flex-members are members who help us during events, when they can. They do not organize the events, but may come to all (social) events organised by AISR. 

All members have the right to attend General Meetings and will be kept informed about events via a newsletter and/or the Facebook page. You can also contact AISR via Facebook.


Steps to membership

There are three required steps one needs to perform to become a member.

  1. Contact the Board and tell them you want to become a member. Each new member starts as flex-member. Unless there are vacancies for a (new) committee, there is no possibility to become active member during the academic year. At the beginning of each academic year, the committees will be changed.
  2. Fill out the member administration form. Click here to access it. We are obliged to keep track of our members.
  3. Every member pays contribution, from flex-member to Board Member. This is a yearly fee of € 15. We may not use automatic incasso, so, every member must pay it at the start of their membership. When the new academic year starts, the contribution needs to be paid again. Detailed information about the way to pay are sent by mail.

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