The committees of Amnesty International Student Group Rotterdam are filled with active members. Those members are organizing the various events and activities that AISR takes on to help raise awareness of human rights.


The committees that make up AISR are:

  • Event Committee
  • The Event Committee is responsible for organising the events of AISR. "Events" are the activites which will educate people and/or spread awareness of our goal. The events are in principle accessible for i.a. all students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Action Committee
  • The Activity Committee is responsible for organising the activities of AISR. "Activities" can be defined as socially binding events and/or events solely for all the members of AISR.
  • Public Relations/Design Committee
  • The Public Relations (PR) Committee is responsible for promoting the events and activities of AISR. They keep our social media up to date, as well as our website. The PR Committee also has a monthly newsletter summarising the months activities, volunteer opportunities and much more.  



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