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Amnesty International Student Group Rotterdam is a local student group which supports Amnesty International in its fight for human rights.


AISR is composed of a team of university students from all over the world who live and study in the city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. We are passionate about human rights issues and hope to be able to support Amnesty International's mission by raising awarenes about human rights topics within the student community through events and campaigns. Events produced by AISR include movie screenings, pub quizzes and lectures on current human right violations across the globe.


We are also active on social media and have a monthly Newsletter with up-to-date information on our events and on human rights in general (check these out on our Newsletter page!). Through AISR, we hope to inspire and raise awareness among students, as well as give them opportunities to put their talents and skills to use in the fight for human rights.

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Join us in the fight against injustice!

You can also learn more about Amnesty International and its work at: https://www.amnesty.org/en/.

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