About us

Since AISR is not a very old association - founded February 16th, 2016 - we are constanly developing and tyring new things to improve our way of organizing events and activities. The main structure of our organization consists of the following organs:

  • The General Meeting
  • The Board
  • The Committees
The General Meeting

The General Meeting (GM) - Algemene Ledenvergadering in Dutch - is the highest organ in our association. That translates in the powers of the GM. The GM chooses the Board and can decide about various subjects and issues within AISR.


The Board

The Board decides about the daily business of the association. They choose the members of the committees. The Board represents the association and coordinate activites and events. They keep contact with Amnesty International NL and the other student and local groups. Also, the Board manages the finances of association. For detailed information about the Board, click here.


The Committees

The committees of AISR are the back-bone of the association. Without them, the events and activites cannot be organized. All the committees are leaded by a chair(wo)man who maintains regular contact with the Board. To see which committees AISR has right now, please click here.

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