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We are the Amnesty International Student Group Rotterdam (AISR), a local student group supporting Amnesty International and an ally in the fight for human rights. Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people who take injustice personally. Amnesty International Student Group Rotterdam was founded on February 16th, 2016.


Our student association consists of creative and ambitious students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam who want to fight for human rights and stop injustice throughout the world. AISR wants to stop torture, cruelty, inhumane or degrading treatment and release people who have been jailed just for speaking out their minds. We want to protect those whose human rights have been violated across the world.


AISR will create opportunities where one can gain knowledge about human rights. We also strive to improve awareness among students about human rights violations. We will provide a platform for young activists where one can come in contact with people who also want to fight for their beliefs.


We organize unique and different human right inspred events like lectures, film screenings, pub quizzes and much more. AISR will create the space where one can empower him or herself to develop the skills and attitudes that promote equality and dignity.


To know more about our structure, like how we are organized, please click here.


Do you also want to stand up for human rights, organize events and be a part of an active, joyful and enthusiastic student group? If you would like to become a member, please click here.


We believe in a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.


'It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.' - Old Chinese proverb

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